South Hutchinson man arrested on drug charges.

Posted on December 23, 2010


A 22-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday evening after a search warrant was served on a home South Hutchinson Police suspect has been used to sell drugs for sometime. 

Arrested for possession of drugs including, marijuana, possibly methamphetamine and some pills that are believed to be a controlled substance, or prescription medication, was Davis Verrette. 

The search was conducted partly because of items being found in the trash of apartment at 502 North Adams in South Hutchinson and officials believed that another man may have been selling drugs at that location. He was apparently not there, but Verrette was located in the southwest bedroom in the apartment. He allegedly admitted that everything in that room was his. The officer then found a black case that allegedly contained drug paraphernalia that included syringes, a spoon and a pipe. They also allegedly found numerous ziplock baggies which allegedly contained drug residue that tested positive for meth, along with the pills, and suspected marijuana. 

In court Wednesday morning, his bond was set at 10-thousand 500-dollars and he will be back in court next Wednesday, or sooner depending on when the state files any formal charges.


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