Two arrested on drug bust Thursday evening.

Posted on April 17, 2011


A search warrant on a home about 7:30 p-m Thursday evening led to two arrest on drug charges. 

Arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to sell or distribute was 21-year-old Charles Ford. He was also arrested for possession of marijuana with a prior conviction, possession of drug paraphernalia, and no drug tax. Also arrested for possession of marijuana was 22-year-old Benjamin Zelfer. The home where the two lived was at 19 South Elm. 

Officers say they found a VHS movie case in the basement of the residence that had a plastic baggie which contained white powder which later field tested positive for cocaine. It weighed around 16-grams. They also say they found some digital scales in the container. 

In a basement laundry room, there was a duffel bag that contained a flashlight, and inside the flashlight, they say they found some marijuana. They says they also found some marijuana in a pair of shorts belonging to Zelfer which was in his bedroom. 

Both men made court appearances Friday morning, where Fords bond was set at 6-thousand 750-dollars, but the jail log late Friday showed both had bond increases with Ford’s going to 11-thousand 750-dollars, partly because of a probation violation. 

Zelfer’s was set at 5-thousand, but again the jail log now show it at 10-thousand and may be because he allegedly failed to appear in a case, and also has a probation violation. 

Both men are expected back in court next Wednesday, or whenever the state files formal charges.


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